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Would you like to taste a coffee tradition first hand and explore Culture, Gastronomy and Ecology just to name a few?

You are invited to discover rural and colonial Guatemala and engage in an exciting blend of educational experiences and rich historical sightseeing. On this one-of-a kind ecotour we will welcome you to our own family farm where you will feel the rainforest and its ecosystems and diversity, taste our "todo fresco" organic meals, and participate in coffee tastings where the aroma of fresh roast 100% Arabica coffee will blend with our conversations at Origin.

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Average pricing for Sierra Las Minas Ecotour is $1,700 which includes all transportation, lodging, meals and activities, except international airfare. Transportation includes first class shuttle transport between Guatemala City and Olopa (Sierra Las Minas Farm) and a return Cessna ride to Antigua as well as all other required transportation, including a return to the Guatemala City Airport after the tour is completed. Pricing is subject to change during the high and low seasons, and depends upon activities chosen. Please contact us.

60 days or more before the beginning of the tour, a $250/person deposit is required. Less than 60 days before the beginning of the tour, full payment is required. Please see our cancellation policy for more details.

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Eco Tours for 2016

  • January 14th to January 21th
  • January 21th to January 28th
  • February 4rd to February 11th
  • February 18th to February 25th
  • March 17th to March 24th
  • April 7th to April 14th
  • April 21th to April 28th
  • May 5th to May 12th

Please find below a general outline sample of our Eco-Tour. Upon registration, a detailed schedule / itinerary will be emailed.

It should be noted that Monday, there is the opportunity to customize the Ecotour by flying straight from the farm to spend one day and night at the beach, followed by two days in Antigua. Please email for more details.


  • Welcome to Guatemala
  • Accommodation in Guatemala City - 6ta. Avenida 20-53 Zona 13 Aurora II


  • Journey Begins! Travel to Olopa - From Guatemala City to Coffee Farm.
  • Stay at Family Farm - Olopa, Chiquimula, Guatemala


  • A Day of Adventure at the Farm - the farm
  • Stay at Family Farm - Olopa, Chiquimula, Guatemala


  • The Adventure Continues @ Family Farm in Olopa - Olopa
  • Stay at Family Farm - Olopa, Chiquimula, Guatemala


  • Cessna Trip to Guatemala City, then Private Shuttle to Antigua
  • Accommodation in Antigua - Antigua, Guatemala


  • Experience the History of Antigua
  • Accommodation in Antigua, Guatemala


  • Last Chance to Live and Breathe the History of Antigua
  • Accommodation in Antigua - Antigua, Guatemala


  • Trip back to Guatemala City Airport

Our Top Ten Activities:

  1. Immerse in our microclimate environment along the drive to our farm and take in the beauty of Guatemala as we appreciate everything from rainforests to volcanoes.
  2. Experience a warm welcome from 4th Generation coffee growers and learn how we are intimately connected with the land.
  3. Explore the lush verdant paths of our farms by hiking, walking or horseback riding, where you will be in touch with the biodiversity and ecosystems of the rainforest.
  4. Indulge your senses with the smells of homemade Guatemalan cuisine "todo fresco" all fresh organic meals, where you will have an exclusive opportunity to test your palate.
  5. From the awakening of your senses to a passion for coffee, become an expert as an Agricultural Engineer with four generations of experience walks you through from seed to cup.
  6. Live and breathe the history of Antigua Guatemala, famous for its well preserved Spanish Baroque 1500's architecture and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  7. Ride the winds of excitement on a Cessna ride as you soar just above a majestic lake on top of a Volcano. Moments later glide across the skies for a birds-eye view of stunning vistas.
  8. Enhance your gastronomy by learning the hidden attributes of our coffee while attending a professional "cupping session" and master expert tips on how to brew a perfect cup.
  9. Sing, practice your Spanish and learn a new dance step with our neighborhood folkloric dance group.
  10. Take a deep breath of air and feel free as you zip line down six different Canopy trails in the rainforest at 6,200 feet with breathtaking views.

"Being born and raised in Western Canada, on the doorstep to the Rocky Mountains, it is difficult to impress me with natural beauty. Not much compares to the jagged peaks, turquoise lakes, and rocky shores of the Rockies. However, when I went to Guatemala, I was blown away. The landscape was amazing. It changes from the rolling hills of corn fields and winding roads carved through the mountains in the east, to the colonial cobblestone streets of Antigua, to the tropical jungles in the west. On top of that, Guatemala is rich in culture. I found Guatemalan people to be quietly modest, and genuinely hospitable. They are proud of their Mayan heritage, and eager to share it with you. Colourful traditional clothing and various indigenous languages are widely found throughout Guatemala.

My time in Guatemala was spent in the protected park of Corazon del Bosque, and was unforgettable. I not only improved my Spanish, but I learned so much about Mayan culture and a simpler pace of life. I highly recommend Guatemala to everyone and anyone."

Nicole Tajiri

Tourist from Canada

"I've always been intrigued by coffees from Guatemala; tradionally a bright clean cup with fantastic chocolaty, caramel characteristic. When offered the opportunity to visit a family coffee farm in Olopa Guatemala, I was excited to learn about what makes their coffees so special.

Traveling in Guatemala was easy. The airport was easy to navigate and the staff and people are very friendly and helpful. Traveling to Olopa from Guatemala City took several hours by car followed by a winding trip up a mountain. The greetings were warming and staying with the family and meeting the family members was a pleasant experience.

We were able to visit several family farms in Olopa. The explanation about their philosophy of operations included reuse of all natural materials - including fermented coffee pulp for fertilizer and using the wood from the over mature trees for fuel to operate the mill. Learning about generations of experienced, environmentally conscious farming explained the reasons for the unique exquisite coffee produced in this region.

The learning experience about Guatemala culture and coffee from the Olopa region was very valuable personal and professional experience which I highly recommend. I hope to return soon!


Professional Coffee Roaster and Cupper

"I visited Sierra Las Minas/Apolo farms in August of 2008 for a period of about 3 weeks. I was working on completing my bachelor's degree in ecotourism and was asked to come down and visit the farms as a consultant. I visited three of the five gorgeous coffee farms and discussed the tourism potentials of the different environments as well as delivering a presentation on the fundamentals of ecotourism. I had never before visited Guatemala and loved the culture and beauty of the area of Olopa. I found it very interesting to learn about the growing and processing of coffee. I even got a chance to enjoy many delicious coffee tastings. The operations were very professional with a high respect for the people and environments involved. The families were absolutely amazing and welcomed me into their homes, treating me like one of their own. I am extremely excited to learn that things have progressed and the farms are moving towards their ecotourism goals and that I got to be a part of that process. I know it will be a great success and look forward to visiting in the future!"


Bachelor of Applied Ecotourism and Outdoor Leadership - Mount Royal University - Calgary, Canada

In my most recent visit to Guatemala in Oct. 2009, my wife Leanne and I spent four months visiting various sites and regions, including Olopa in the eastern highlands. In addition to the amazing travel and diverse cultural experiences that are available in Guatemala, the purpose of my visit was to conduct graduate research on sustainable coffee production among small scale coffee cooperatives and producers.

For logistical reasons, we based ourselves out of Antigua. A beautiful colonial town which has something to offer every traveller, Antigua is a hub for travellers to learn Spanish, relax in a perfect climate, sample foods in one of the many quality restaurants, and enjoy the friendly social scene meeting locals and global trekkers. Not to mention the reliable Wi-Fi internet that is freely available all over town, which was a bonus for me while in school.

A visit to Antigua and the other main tourist sites alone would be a limited representation of the country. One of my case study locations was the Sierra Las Minas coffee cooperative in Olopa, about a five-hour drive east of Antigua. We made two extended visits and were warmly welcomed to the homes and farms of numerous coffee growers. My time in this region was an invaluable look into an area of Guatemala seldom visited by tourists, with distinct geographical and cultural offerings well worth the visit. Touring the coffee fields and processing facilities and having discussions about the history, economics and politics of coffee production with the very knowledgeable agronomists was a definite highlight. I will always have fond memories of the people and places of Olopa, Chiquimula, Guatemala and can’t wait for the next visit.


Student, MA in Environment & Management Program, Royal Roads University

From 15 years of working in the tourism industry, as a guide and trip developer, I give kudos to Sierra Las Minas Coffee and Giovanni De Paz for creating an all encompassing and adventurous tour. Travelers are sure to have an authentic and genuine experience. In the mountain town of Olopa, where the locals are known to be the heart and soul of Guatemala; this is where I evolved into an aficionado for single origin coffee. From visiting 3 coffee fincas, to hand on demonstrations; I discovered the arduous process of producing this shade grown fruit, from seed to cup. How intriguing it was to learn in detail about a beverage which I thoroughly enjoy on a regular basis.

As the tour progressed, I said goodbye to our lovely hosts; three families of 4th generation coffee growers and boarded a Cessna airplane. The spectacular bird's eye view of volcanoes and rolling landscapes, were precursors to actually hiking up Volcano Pacaya and zip lining through a subtropical forest ( at 6,200 ft a.s.l. :). Rest assured in the evenings, I slept soundly in UNESCO's world heritage site, Antigua, Guatemala. This prominent Spanish colonial town left lasting impressions, with the combination of ancient and modern architecture. In a heart's beat I would return; thank you Giovanni, for facilitating my unique journey through Guatemala.

Buen Viaje,


Former Guide for Austin Lehman

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Client

Customer will receive a full refund, not including deposit if notification is given 30 days or more before the beginning of the trip.

If cancellation notice is given in less than 30 days, a credit note will be issued for 75% of the cost of the ecotour (total not including deposit), useable on any future tour.

Cancellation by Company

The company reserves the right to cancel any trip at any time, but will not do so less than 20 days before the start of the tour. When a tour is canceled by the company, the client will receive a note of credit for the amount paid towards any service the company has to offer.